The Brooklyn Daily Pigeon is committed to multi-source journalism.

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To request a correction to an article, email corrections@brooklynpigeon.com. Our editorial staff will verify the existence of any potential inaccuracies prior to issuing a correction. In the case of a minor inaccuracy, such as a misspelled name, the story will be corrected and we will indicate in the footer of the story that a correction has been made. Significant corrections, such paragraph changes or misquotes, will be acknowledged in the headline.

Whenever we choose to retract a story, our editorial board will publish a notice to explain our decision in doing so.


To write a letter to the editor or a response to a story, submit your letter in a plain text email to editor@brooklynpigeon.com along with your name, phone number, profession and neighborhood of residence. We will not except any email attachments. Prior to publication, we will verify the identity of the author by phone call.


Freelance journalists and photographers are more than welcome to pitch story ideas to our editorial staff at submissions@brooklynpigeon.com


You can submit a tip to tips@brooklynpigeon.com. Please note for our guidelines on submitting an anonymous tip can be found at the Become a Source page and that all tips submitted to the regular tip email are considered on the record.

Public Relations staffers looking to disseminate press releases to our newsroom should do so by sending them to pressreleases@brooklynpigeon.com and directly contacting the relevant beat reporter from the Contact Us page.


Please refer to our Reprint Policy.